1.Which type of Numerology method do you follow?

2.What are details do you require for naming my Baby name Numerology?
Gender, DOB (Date of Birth), TOB (Time of Birth) and POB (Place of Birth).

3.How do I send my baby’s birth details?
By filling below form from this page.

4.Do you consider Astrology, Rashi and Nakshatra while forming Numerology names?
Yes, I do consider Astrology, Rashi and Nakshatra, Planetary strength and weekness, Thithi sooniyam of their individual birth chart.

5.Why the numerology names are different comparing to Astrology, Rashi & Nakshatra?
Numerology and Astrology are two different systems but based on prediction i compare both.
Astrology is the good old science based on stars and planets

Numerology is easy to follow and absolutely simple solution based on numbers and names. Each person vibrates with certain energy of dates of birth and names. It is believed that each number from 1 to 9 vibrates differently and it is responsible for a person’s success and failure.

6.How many names do you provide for my baby?
5- 10 super successful names will be provided based on Name Number and Hebrew Pyramid number

7.We have selected a few names of our choice, will you check if it suits my baby?
Yes, you can provide your choice of names. If it suits I can recommend.

8.Your fee for Numerology consultation?
1.Super successful numerology name: 59.5 USD (For one individual person)

2. A full life time report of Numerology number solution, Vedic astrology report, Year Predictions report: 99.9 USD. (For one individual person)

9.How can I pay and what payment methods do you accept?

  1. We accept all major credit and debit cards
  2. Online payment through PayU money

10.If I do online payment is it secure?
Yes, Your payment details are 100% secure. We use “Paypal” highly secure SSL enabled payment gateway with 256 bit encryption to safeguard your payment information.

11.Your online consultation procedure?
Once you done with online payment within 72 hours of time your report will be generated and it will be sent to your email ID.

12.Still, I have few questions about my baby name Numerology?
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through Ma

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